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We love crafting simple bouqets with wildflowers as much as creating abbondant table centre pieces or wrapping rustic twine around the stems to form a perfect buttonhole. 

We listen to our clients and of course the seasons to make carefully designed and composed pieces for your event

Wild about flowers...

Lake Como event and wedding green table runner
Lake Como  events and wedding florist, purple flowers
eony wedding arch
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Wild about flowers...but not only

We love all things natural and living near in the Italian lakes we see the seasons around us. Lily of the valley in spring can make a wonderful simple bouquet. Peonies in late spring and early summer are always a hit, hydrangeas galore but we are also wild about all things green: ferns, ivy, olive branches, grasses  even weeds can make a fun and special addition to any event as can yellows and oranges of Italian citrus fruits.

Lke Garda wedding florist, succulent pot plant
Lake Como wedding florist succulent jam jar